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You can visit us during the Sunday services.

Below you can see where Gereja Minahasa is in service.


Gereja Minahasa holds a church service on 3 Sunday afternoons.

3 times a month in Amsterdam, "De Goede Herder", starts at 3:00 PMu.

If there is a 5th Sunday in the month, the service will be held in Amsterdam. This service is also kept as much as possible in one of the Minahassian languages.

See our agenda for more information about the services.


Route description Amsterdam.

De Goede Herder is located in Amsterdam Buitenveldert, van Boshuizenstraat 420-422, 1082 BA Amsterdam.


Enclosed you will find a map where you can find "de goede Herder". With this map you can make directions.


Via public transport you can reach "De Goede Herder" with bus number 62 starting from the "Amstel Station" or "Station Rai", you get off at the stop "van Boshuizenstraat".

You can also take the Metro from both previously mentioned stations and take line 51 "West Wijk" you get off at the stop "van Boshuizenstraat". You cross over to the "van Boshuizenstraat" and follow this road to somewhere in the middle. From both stations it is easier to go by bus because of the walking distance to the church.


You look the best for a current timetable



For information you can contact our secretariat members or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.