Welcome to the site of Gereja Minahasa.


Gereja Minahasa was founded in 2004 by Minahassers residing in the Netherlands.


The goal of Gereja Minahasa is to hold an oekomic church services in the Netherlands every Sunday, for Minahassers and sympathizers in the Netherlands, in Indonesian and from time to time in the various Minahasian laguages.


This means that one the service is a Protestant, another time Catholic, than a Pentecostal and than an Advent Service.

The Protestant service is led by a minister,

the Catholic service is led by a priest / pastor,

the Pentecostal service is guided by a pastor and

the advent service is led by a speaker.


All services are held according to a liturgy prepared by Gereja Minahasa.

Each service is concluded with the song Opo wana natas, see next page.


A church service is held in Amsterdam 3 times a month, starting at 15: 00h.

Unless otherwise stated, see the agenda for this.

There is no service every 4th Sunday of the month.

Unless otherwise stated, see the agenda for this.

If there is a 5th Sunday in the month, the service will be held in Amsterdam. This service is also kept as much as possible in one of the Minahasian languages.


You can also see in the agenda who will be serving the service on which Sunday.


Gereja Minahasa is an independently operating church organization, which is affiliated with SKIN (Samen Kerken In Nederland)